Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caesar again

Well I get the chance for a partial do over with C. I picked him up today thanks to Judy C. Who loaned me her trailer. What I was ready for but hoped wasn't needed was a trailer loading lesson. He did edge up to the trailer but would not go in. So I took him in hand and made him want to be near the horse trailer. After almost an hour he would put both feet in but not go all the way. So as Judy suggested I took a little walk away from the trailer and just let him rest a bit. Then went back at it. this time I walked inthe trailer wondering if he would follow me. He got as far as the door and stopped with his head inside. I asked and he put a foot up. Then with a little compulsion from behind he soon had both feet then all four. Because I needed to get him home and taken care of before church I closed him in finished loading up and headed for home. I would have normally let him stay in there a good while, backed him out, worked him and then put him back in there. But, pressed for time I couldn't do that. Tomorrow starts his training review going back through the fundamentals to get him to stop bucking when asked to lunge under saddle. He only does it when he is asked to go in a circle in gw. I think it is a respect issue. So I am going to try to find out what it is and help him through it.

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