Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 5

Today started a little rougher. He didn't want to go to work with me, but after a few suggestions he decided it was more relaxing to be next to me even if I was in the rd pen. So then we rested good and he got a good rubbing. Then I rd penned and he did great for several turns and then regressed and then came back again. He went from an 'A' to a 'C' back to an b+ and I let him rest. That was all in 5 minutes. I got through all 13 exercises in about an hour. I let him have good rests in between and then at the end he had a good 5 minute rest. Then introduced the saddle pad all over again and then the saddle. He has been saddled before and ridden lots, but my main goal he to be able to saddle him and have him move off without bucking no matter what gait he is in. So after sacking him out to saddle and pad several times, boy my saddle is heavy, I cinched it up. He stood the whole time without so much as a twitch or irritated swish of his tail. Then I just started disengaging the hindquarters and backing him up then let him rest. I did this several times both sides. He was nice and relaxed. I asked him to move forward as though circle driving would let him take 3-4 steps then yield hdqtrs 360 degrees and contine forward. It was as if I was riding for the first time and didn't want the horse to take off to far forward. I did this all the way around the pen a couple times both directions and let him rest in between real good. Then I started moving forward yield hdqtrs move shoulders and go in opposite direction. All of this was at the walk. He was real relaxed not showing any irritation at all. I started to circle drive more letting him ger farther away from me go one circle then yield and go in opposite direction. Then we quit. I didn't ask him to trot yet, that will come next time providing he is nice and relaxed. Next lesson is planned for Wednesday. He has worked hard for six days so he is due a good rest.

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