Thursday, March 15, 2012


Oh what a beautiful day to spend some time with a horse. I got Jake out today. We worked our way back to my riding area. Did some backing sidepass inc, cpattern, got him saddled and went to work. I also had Prinz laying down by the trailer while I worked with Jake. He is getting better. I only had to set him back down a few times. Consistency is the key and taking the time to do it.
Jake did well, even after not being worked for 3 weeks or so. I had him jumping over some logs on the long line then worked on backing him in circles. I then started to have him back between the logs. He did pretty good. I desensitized him to my bull whip and cracked that around him a bunch of times. I got on and did the same thing with the whip. We walked and trotted some. He is a little gimpy in his right front leg but could find no swelling, tenderness in his sole or frog or his joints. I think maybe he is getting old and his joints are like mine. I think some glucosamine is in order for both of us. We took a ride over to the creek and the salmon were still there. He went in the water pretty readily. Then we came home. It was a good ride.

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