Thursday, March 29, 2012

day 7

Today's lesson went really well. We went to work together immediately and let him rest while I rubbed and brushed him. Then 6 quick inside turns while I merely stood while he went around me. We then took the next half hour and went over all the exercises just to get them a little tighter on his responses. I did the Jeffries method just enough to let him know I was coming and to stay consistent with what we have done over the last two days. Then I put the pad on him and then the saddle with the same kind of sacking him out. When I asked him to move off we just did everything the same and he was real calm through the entire exercise. Then I asked him to move off in a trot and canter and no bucking no problems at all. He has high energy but that is a good thing. Then I got on him and went through the same process. We did the walk, trot, canter with YH at throughout and then he did real good. Not balking not bucking not giving me any sense of attitude except, what do you want me to do. So after a short time of this we quick. We had about an hour and a half into this lesson which has been the least of them yet.
He is coming along real nice and relaxed.


Josh s said...

You are riding him already? Wow. How long does it take to go from green to broke?

jeffrey said...

Actually, he was one I trained last year, but he had a little respect issue that showed up with bucking right after saddling and asking him to trot on the lunge line. So I got him back to try to fix that. So far it is.
It takes a long time to go from green to broke., but it depends on what one means by broke. I can get a horse in about 30 days from not riding to riding pretty safe usually. It would be better to take 90-100 days though and then continue on after that.