Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 6

Ok, let me get this one out of the way. WOW! that is all I can say. It took no more than about a minute til he decided to go to work with me today. I rubbed on him and brushed on him. With in the next 5 minutes he did 6 great inside turns immediately. These were 'A+' moves. We quickly went through all the exercises in under 30 minutes he did great on them all. I did the Jeffries method with him again. He moved off a few times, but I just stayed with him and he got real relaxed and was actually moving into position so I could get on, I figured that out after a few times. I was the slow one there. Then I got the pad and saddle out and before long he was wearing the saddle, not real excited. I did several YHqtrs and Yforequarters and moved him off like that letting him take few more strides each time til he was walking calmly around me. We did a lot of stopping and resting in between and desensitizing. Then it was time to see if he would trot for me. I sent him off a few strides and YHqtrs and backup, rest. Repeat several times then switched sides. and same thing all over. He got a little more excited on the right side but he handled it and even went right into a nice lope for me in both directions and then relaxed to a trot. Then I started some of the other exercises with saddle on him. He got excited doing the Lunging stage 2 but he settled down. It was mainly his anticipation of my asking to change directions. I just have to tone down my cues a little more. He is getting real soft on flexion. Tomorrow I have big plans for him. If it is anything like today it will be even better.

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