Thursday, July 11, 2013

A step back

Well this day didn't go as planned. I have been driving these horses for a few days now and it seems that everything went out the window with them. It was as if they had never been driven before. Moon has a tough time with lateral flexion which is essential to vertical flexion and that is essential to get where I want them to go with responding to the bit and rein. Plus, I had trouble with my tools breaking. First it was the ring breaking then it was the leather breaking. Then he was getting all spooked because of the line on his hocks. I just methodically and calmly kept working at things with him. I was finally able to get him relaxed at both the walk and trot. So Grand had similar things happen, though he did better than Moon. He is laterally soft and becoming more vertically soft. I am wanting him to be soft vertically at the walk and trot and then the canter. I hope to be able to get further along with these guys when I work with them next.

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