Thursday, July 11, 2013

In the moment

Today was much better. It often happens this way with horses. One day it seems that it is a disaster, but you keep working on it. The next day it is as if yesterday never happened. It goes to show you that horses don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. They are in the moment. So today when I got So Grand out he was real good. He was soft on the one indirect rein on both sides. So I went to one indirect rein and one direct rein, except for a little hiccup he handled it nicely. I was even starting to get some vertical softness from him. I started asking of that at the standstill then with him still soft I asked him to move off. He did fine both sides so I went to both direct reins. He got a little excited about this, but not too much. I let him trot around then back to a walk and asked for a change of direction. We did several of these and several stops. By the time we were finished he was giving me a lot more softness. Moon was much the same. I went through the same process. He is real stiff laterally, almost like he is locked up on the poll, but after several minutes of trotting around and taking him off balance he started to be soft. Then I went to the one indirect and direct rein and he got a little excited but nothing major. My equipment held up this time instead of breaking so we were soon graduating to two direct reins. Had him changing directions at the walk and then the trot, along with several stops with softness. So today was not like yesterday at all. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better.

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