Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Worked inside today due to the rain. But when I am first line driving a round pen is a good thing. I got So Grand out and put the saddle on him. He didn't like it so I had to rearrange padding and that was better. Then I put the bit in his mouth. He didn't have much issue with it. Then I put the long line on one side and drove him around. He handled it pretty good. Then switched sides and did the same things. By the time we were finished he was carrying his head inside with nice lateral flexion which is just what I wanted. He was following his nose pretty good. Moon had a few issues. I did the same thing with him and he did fine with one rein. Then I put the other rein on and he got scared with the line around his butt. But he soon got over that and after getting a walk trot canter I changed directions on him for the same thing. I am looking for lateral flexion on both these horses and eventually vertical softness and that they follow their nose. So both did pretty good today.

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