Friday, July 26, 2013


Well the last five days I have been driving these guys. They are doing pretty good. I have been doing the stretching and trying to help them strengthen and raise their backs. They really seem to like it. You should see them lick and chew and sigh when I am circling their shoulders or hip and then stretching their legs. They get so relaxed. It is time to go to work then. They don't like that part.:( Anyway, the last two days or since I last blogged, I have been doing some desensitizing before I start because they have been a bit jumpy when I put the line over their butt. But now they just stand when I do that and wait for me to tell them to move. Moon is still real stiff on the left side, but today He seemed to be improved, though he still drops his shoulder in and when he is trotting it is like a motorcyclist leaning into the turn. But anyway I am working on that. He is getting softer in the face going forward. Huge improvements there. He is responding to the bit much better too. I am driving him around balls, logs and such in the pen. So Grand is doing well at this too. He is soft laterally and getting better when forward into the bit. I would say that they are both doing very well, considering. And I hope to be riding them in the next week providing So Grand has his back issues resolved. I don't want him in pain as I ride. That is not fair to him nor safe for me. I have some shims to help with that.

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