Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I thought I better catch you up on what has been going on with the Arabs. After attending the Dan James clinic I started driving them. They have been coming along nicely though not as fast as I had hoped. It takes some getting used to for a horse to have lines around their legs and to be giving to the bit. But it is happening. I am seeing them starting to soften laterally and vertically both at a standstill and on the move. I am looking for them to be consistently soft before I move on to the next level. I am working them outdoors, weather permitting, and the footing is solid which gives me a bigger area to work in than the round pen. When I am confident they have it going well then we will move to the larger arena and then finally to the field or road/trail. Then back to riding them again. I need to figure something out for So Grand as he is need of drastic padding due to his sway back. I have been working my horse in the same with driving her and then doing some riding.

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