Thursday, August 20, 2015

Honey Bun Day 3

Thursday 8/20/15

Went to bring her in this morning and she didn't want to stand to halter. So we had a minion session of about 10 minutes of rd pen work. Wow, did she make huge improvement from yesterday. Her turns to the inside were quick. My German shepherd Prinz thought he needed to add to the situation so he was running around the outside of pen barking. I could tell HB was nervous with him so kept it up. She was really paying to him but when I asked for a turn it was Now. She also moved off real nice, no hesitation. I had her stop and follow then started to put halter on and she got pushy. She turned her shoulder into me and started to push toward me. I immediately sent her off at a canter and changed directions some more. Then she stood to be haltered. I led her back to the barn with leading behind, sending, and backing all the while Prinz is barking and running around trying to help. I was able to back her into her stall too. :)
Rd pen- had canter consistent 5x each direction then moved to 4,3,2,1 turning to inside each time. She does this well. Then to 3/4,1/2,1/4 time around with direction change. She did great. However she is still guarded with hooking on and staying next to me. She transitions fine. 
Started to move off and she wouldn't follow. She turned away and moved off so I drove her off. Had go around a couple times at canter, inside turn then the other way 2.5x inside turn and asked to follow. She did we circled to center. I moved again and she stayed with me. 
YH-real good. 360 2x each side. 
Backing real good on all
YF-not so good. I could only get a step or 2 each side. She is resistant and then either goes forward or swings backend toward me. We worked til we got some correct ones in a row. 
LR1-she has a good take off, stays t the trot. On the left side she is bent real nice toward me and responds quick to disengagement. On rt side she has good take off,consistent gait and is looking toward me better, not as good as left side. Responds just as good to disengagement. 
Flexing went good overall. She was s bit confused with the opposite side flexing. But worked out. I also added in poking the rib to move hind qrtrs. 
Circling was probably a good B or so. He stepped off nice stayed bent and consistent trot. Disengaged well. 
Sending was kind of spastic. I had a wide gap of 10 ft or so. She wanted to run through it. We got calmed down to where she trotted more relaxed through it. Worked about 10 minutes on that. 
LR2- was ok we did this on the way to the barn. So she showed her colors when she wants to do something other than I want. We also worked on leading behind. She was still distracted so it was somewhat of a energetic try. She did ok though. I know this will show up while riding when she wants to go to the barn. So I'll have to watch for that. 
It was like she thought she should take over. I will have start leaving time to really work her on the way back to the barn do that she works at the barn and rests away from it. 

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