Saturday, August 29, 2015

Honey Bun day 10- Friday 8/28/15

I took her down to the rd pen at the church. She did pretty good with sending circling and backing down the drive and road. I used the ditch as an obstacle for sending. Then we went into the pen and did some LR1&2. The dog was barking trucks going by. She did alright. 
Went back somewhat relaxed but did some leading behind to get her to quit dragging. Then I saddled her and went to the platform. We worked about 10 minutes but she finally walked over it in both directions. She was nice and relaxed with that. We went into rd pen and I put the bridle on her. She had no problem with the bit. I did some bridle bending with her and some YH and backups. Then got on and rode her for the last 30 minutes. We practiced YH, follow the nose. She did real good transitions from walk to trot to canter. She was calm at all 3 gaits. A nice ride. 

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