Wednesday, August 19, 2015

HoneyBun day 1

Day 1-tuesday 8/18/15 
I got her in the red pen and let her get acclimated. The I trotted her both directions 5x. Then we got started.  I started asking for turn to inside it took her a few tries but she began to get it. She was easier on the left side. Very much more lazy to respond on the right side. It was very hot so after 10 minutes I gave her a rest for 5 min. Then started again and she really began to respond better from both sides. After 30 minutes she was keeping both eyes on me and beginning to follow me. I took advantage and desensitized her to stick and string. Then I put halter on her and desensitized more. 
I began to work on yield hindquarters. It didn't take long to catch on. She was easier with this on the left side. I was able to get two steps consistently. 
We moved on to backing. She was sluggish with tapping the air so we worked on that mostly. The wiggle wave whack and marching she backed real well. With the lead she was not too bad. She definitely has room for improvement. 
I needed to walk her around the whole area so I did s combination of leading behind and lunging for respect. She needs a lot of work, but she will improve. 

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