Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Honey Bun day 7-Tuesday 8/25/15

Started out with leading behind in pasture not rd pen. She did great. There was a nice float in the line both sides. Then we did YH , flexing both were good. LR 1 was real nice with her eyes on me. There was two times which she looked at me and wanted to stop, she pinned her ears so I made her go on. Then when she was compliant. I did a YH AND stopped. 
YF started out bad on the left side. She kept going forward so I  made her back 20 feet or so and went back to YF. She soon got it and we switched to her 'bad' side. She did almost perfect for several steps. Standing quiet while I type this. 
Then we started doing the sending by letting her do a few laps then changing directions. She did ok but not as good as I wanted. 
Circling was good even her transitions. 
I got her in the rd pen and did that with him. Much better.
Jeffrey's method was good. She moved a bit, but I stayed with her. 
I flanked her out. Started on the left side. She bucked and bucked. After several laps of pressure and release she finally began to get the notion that if she slowed down and quit bucking she could relax. When her bucking stopped with the pressure I quit that side. 
Her right side was much better. Hardly a buck at all. But I couldn't get good forward motion either and when I did she didn't offer much of a buck. She just stopped. That is what I want, but I want to make sure she isn't just sandbagging me.
Then I wanted to finish with her following me at liberty. She walked off at first but then came right back in. I let her stand and rubbed her all over.

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