Friday, August 28, 2015

Honey Bun day 9-8/27/15

Today I started her in the pasture just with lunging 1, 2 and did some backing. I also did circling with her. She was doing pretty good. She would pin her ears a bit and when I was doing LR 2 she would look at me and pin her ears when I asked for change of direction. I wonder if the ear thing was her telling me she has got it and lets move on or if she just had an attitude? I am not sure. She didn't do it every time though. I have a platform obstacle and had her begin to go over that. I would send her and she would try to avoid it or jump it. I kept at it with her giving rests at appropriate times and after about 20 minutes or so she would go over it calmly from both directions. She went through a cycle of calmness and get to the point where she would put one foot on as she went over then she would fall apart and she would go back to jumping and trying not to go over it. But I kept at it with some rest periods when she gave me a good try and then she was on the good part of the learning cycle. Then we moved into the rd. pen to do some liberty work and I led her by her feet, tried to get a buck out of her with flanking out. I was running out of time, but I laid her down. She went down nicely and laid there for several minutes while I rubbed on her. Then I put the saddle on and off a couple times then cinched up and sent her around to see how she would be. No problem. Then I started getting a foot in the stirrup and on and off her. Then we went for her second ride. Got a good walk, trot, canter out of her. I also was working on her following her nose with softness and picking up a foot with the rein. All in all, it went well today.

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