Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Honey Bun day 8 8/26/15

I walked her into the large arena and had her doing some circling and sending and backing up. She did pretty good in all of them. I did a few moving the shoulders, still not as good as I want.
We also did a few turn and go exercises til she was real light on each side.
She is completely relaxed through all of this so far.
I put her in the rd. pen to start doing introducing some new stuff to her.
I led her by her feet. She was real stiff with this, not panicky at all though. I did this until she was walking forward consistently by me leading her feet.
I flanked her out again. I started with her right side and couldn't get her to buck.
The left side didn't get much out of her either. She just wanted to stand there no matter the pressure I put on her. I also had giving into the pressure on her flank.
Then I put the rope on her left front foot took to wraps with it on her girth and lifted her foot. She didn't give much of a struggle and went to her knees. I let her up and repeated two times. There was no hesitation on her going to her knees so I just held it and she laid right out for me. I have never had an easier horse to lay down. Then I kept her there for about 8 minutes and rubbed her all over. When I decided to let her up she just kind of sat up but didn't want to get up. I let her stay there for a few minutes and rubbed on her.
Then when she got up I did the Jeffrey's method a few times on each side.
Then I put the saddle on her. She stood for me to saddle no problem. Then when I moved her to my left to do LR 1 and 2 She gave a bit of a buck, but then straightened out. I had her trotting and cantering with it on.
Then I did some stirrup driving to see how she would handle that. She moved around quite a bit. I was on her left side. After a few tries she stood quiet. Then I did the other side and not hardly any movement.
Then I worked on getting on her up and down in the stirrup both sides. Then  leg over. I was acting like a drunk. She just stood there. Then I asked her to step forward. We did several small circles and YH and YF and just kept repeating that. She needs a lot of work on these on the Ground and then in the saddle before we go to much further. She doesn't YF good enough and that has to make a lot of improvement. I did this both sides. Then I started to straighten her out onto the rail and started getting a trot and then bend to a stop several times. We did this both sides. She doesn't give to the lead as well as I want either. She needs lots of flexing and follow the nose exercises. Then I asked for a canter and she gave me some good cantering and stopping.
So the YH and YF needs a lot of work but we got the first ride in of about 20 minutes or so.

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