Monday, August 24, 2015

Honey Bun day 6 8/24/15

Rd pen- she did real good. I had her follow me several minutes after a bunch of change of directions. Then we did several figure 8's. I had her follow me again. It isn't right away that she follows, but she is getting quicker with her follow. 
Backup -also excellent though she did get flustered once and reared. I think I was backing too fast. She sometimes will want to go sideways but I just get her back on track. 
YF-much improved got 6-7 steps consistently. 
LR1/2-really good. The LR2was spot on. 
Flexing was excellent. 
Sending was much better and the circling was better. 
I noticed that the horses are calling to her more and that sets her off, but a little work at that point gets her mind right again. 
It has been real windy today so that has perked her up and made it challenging, but she is standing calm right now. 
Leading behind-best yet. Her right side (bad side) is fast becoming her good side. She was getting softer coming forward off the pressure. 
Plastic bag almost no irritation with it. 
Finished with the Jeffries method 3x each side. Nice and calm.Despite the wind and calling back and forth it has been a good session. 

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