Thursday, August 13, 2009

Horse 2

Today I had to work halley before she would let me halter her to move her to the round pen. However it was accomplished and we got started. She is doing pretty good on backing, flexing, yielding the hindquarters and moving her shoulder over. However, she still tries to push on me when I lunge her or begin to lead her. I saddled her from the right side, which I have been told she doesn't like. After some initial movement on her part she stood and let me put on her and tighten the cinch. Then I moved her around on the lead rope working on changing directions and stopping with her eyes on me. She did well. I took the halter off and moved her around working on turns and transitions from walk to trot to canter. She is learning and beginning to repect my space a lot better. I also worked on moving her sideways on the rail, the beginnings of sidepassing. I used the rope on her trying to get her to just be with me and let me put the rope all over her. She wouldn't stand still so I moved her off. Then she wouldn't stay next to me to put the halter on and take the saddle off so I moved her more. Finally, she would come next to me and stand while I got her ready to quit. It was a good session.
In the next session I hope to flank her out with a friend of mine helping me.

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