Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi, This was actually on Thursday evening. I really had a good session with the horse. I thought she was going to be kinda cranky at first. But I just took things slow and gentle as possible and she came around. She is moving with feel better everyday. I worked her about 30 minutes from the ground. I was really interested in whether or not she would transition to trot and canter without pitching a little fit. So I made sure I was asking in the right way, body language and positioning and cue. She did good going to trot and back down. I knew the real test would come when I asked for a canter. But again she did it real smooth in both directions. I figured if I couldn't get a smooth transition from the ground it wouldn't be any better from the saddle. So after a good transition I did it a couple of times and then I got on her. She moved right up to a trot no problem. Now I noticed that there are some real deep sandy spots that she doesn't like her footing in so I was aware of this when I asked for a canter. When I asked for a canter it took a bit of compulsion with the crop,I think because of the footing, but with a little persistence on my she finally did it without a fit and kept it up all the way around. Thus, to reward her I bent her to a stop and let her soak for a few minutes. Then we did it in the other direction with the same good result. I flexed her a good bit and then got off. That was her reward. Enter Felice. She worked her from the ground with flexing, shoulders over, disengaging, back up, etc. She did a good job. Just needs to learn the details better. She will. Haycee was moving with her feel pretty good. That is what I want to see because Felice will need to keep this up when she takes her home next week. Anyway it was a good session with her. I didn't get a chance to work her on Friday but will work her today some time.
God bless

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