Saturday, August 22, 2009


Had a good day with Haycee. She is no longer trying to get away from me when I show up with the halter, which is a good sign of submission. She also stands rock solid to saddle and brush. I still work on putting my hands between her hind legs. That is still a touchy place initially for her then she settles down and lets me rub her on her belly there. I worked on the dailies with her she is getting better at responding. I just have to make sure I give her a heads up, a preparatory signal that we are about to do something and what we are going to do. I lunged her working on transitions she is getting better at them, though still pins her ears, but I think it is a little confusion on her part, as my body position might not be where it should be. So I need to work on that more. I did what I call the squeeze game, walking beside her with the rein in hand as though I was in the saddle and asking her to move forward from a standstill then disengaging the hindquarters and either continuing to walk off or to back up. She was doing pretty good. Then I got on and flexed her then walked off and disengaging. I did this for 30 min or so. I worked on letting her get up some speed at a walk alot more too. She needs to get moving. So next time I will have her trotting and hopefully loping around and disengaging and one rein stop. Felice is supposed to come next time. So we will see what is going to happen.
asta luego!

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