Monday, August 24, 2009


Felice came and we got started with Haycee. We worked on haltering which she does well at this point. I could tell she would have rather not played tonite, but she still submitted. We worked on the dailies, then saddled her. I showed Felice how to do the pressure and release on the lead using downward pressure to get her head down. Then worked on the backup and disengaging hindquarters. We probably spent about 3o min doing various exercises. Then I lunger Haycee working on transitions. She didn't want to trot or canter and pitched a little fit so I just made her canter more in both directions. After doing that for a few minutes she decided it was easier and less tiring just to do what she was asked. When she was good doing the transitions without a fit I worked on disengaging from the ground using her rein. Then got on and she moved off a little faster at the walk. I worked both directions on disengagement and one rein stop. She is still sluggish but doing a lot better on the disengaging. She was starting to get the hang of it. I suspect she will be even better tomorrow and then will do it at the trot and eventually the canter. I also need to start introducing things to desensitize her with. She already is pretty good with alot of things. But we will see. I flexed alot at the beginning and end of the session, but she sure is bracey.
That's all for now.
Have a good one.

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