Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well I was out there with Halley (the horse) today. Had planned for 1 hour. Even had it scheduled out when I would work what part. Started with flexion both sides, then disengaging the hindquarters and moving the shoulders over worked on some backing of her. All the while what I am after is getting her to move with just my body language and feel of the lead, just ounces of pressure. Then worked her on the lunge line for 15 min. working on tranisitions from walk to trot to canter and back down with just body language. She didn't want to work going to the right so worked that the most. When I stopped with this exercise I had her going pretty good and stopping and giving me both eyes. Then I took the halter off and moved her just in the round pen. She was already turning to the inside or outside whenever I asked so I worked mostly on transitions again. When she was moving to trot and canter and back down pretty good I decided to introduce the rope again. I tried to put tail of it just around the girth and get her to give to pressure but she moved off and I couldn't hold it. So I asked to stop and come to me. She did, but when I tried to brush her with the rope I she wanted no part of that. I guess if someone had a rope around my middle and pulled tight on it while asking me to go, not liking be tied down at all anyway I think I would pitch a bit of fit if they tried to do that again. So I can understand. That's why I have to work with her on it some more. I made her move and kept asking her (for another 20 min. or so) to stop and come to me. She would until I introduced the rope again. I finally was able to rub it all over her on both sides with her just standing there. So I chose to quit on a good note. A 1 hour session turned in to an extra 1/2 hour. That happens sometimes. But it was a good note. I think we turned a corner .
til next time. Adios!

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