Monday, August 17, 2009

Training day 11

Things went good today. Each day I am seeing a little more submission in Haycee. When I go in her stall to feed her now all I have to do is hold up my hand in her face and she backs right out and waits for me to put the feed where it goes. She won't come back in until I let her.
Today I went to catch her for training and she didn't want to be caught, but again each day it takes less time for her to come up to me. I never just put the halter on her. I might just pet her and walk away. Then come back to her. I kind of play a game with her for a few minutes then I put the halter on her and we go get started.
I backed her a few times to get that solidly down so that she moves back as quick as I want her to. Then I lunged her both directions working on transitions again, mainly my body position. She is getting good at it. Then I saddled her and worked some more on flexion both sides, moving the shoulders over and disengaging the hindquarters. I want that moving really good for when I get on her. That is the emergency break. After working on the transitions I put the flank rope on her and moved her off. She is giving alot better to the pressure. She exploded pee out the back one time and then faced me and stopped. The pressure lets off her when she makes the right choice about slowing down or stopping. I even had her following me just by flank pressure. I eventually would like to see her moving her hip toward me when the pressure is on her flank so I could lead her by the flank.
I laid her down. That went quickly.
She tried to get up 1 time but I wouldn't let her. Then when I was ready I let her up. I worked on some shoulder over, disengaging, flexion, backing up. Then mounted her from both sides a couple times. I took the saddle off and did the Jeffries method which is laying on her bareback and rubbing all over her. She seemed really relaxed with all of this, except she swishes her tail alot. I am not sure if that is because she is irritated or just flies. Something tells me it is irritation, but I am not certain.
Tomorrow I hope to ride her around a bit. Her owner is coming in the evening to watch and learn. So pray that all goes well for the horse and me.

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