Friday, August 21, 2009


hi, thought I'd give a little update on Haycee. Yesterday I went through all my dailies. She did good, though needs more refinement. I don't have to catch her anymore when I go to get her. She just stands there and waits for me to halter her. I worked her on the lunge after saddling her for about 20 min. I really wanted to make sure she had the disengaging of the hindquarters down pat. Then I go on her and worked on disengaging for about 30 min. She is slow to move off and that is part of the problem. I need to get some life in her feet in order to really work on the disengaging and the one rein stop. So next time I will be working mostly on that. All in all thought we had a good session. I am seeing progress everyday with her.
Well gotta go for now.

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