Friday, July 16, 2010


Had a good workout with Jake last evening. My rd pen is muddy so we just worked in the big pen. I was refining his leg yield and sides passing moving across the arena sideways. He is real soft for the most part, although he doesn't like to flex laterally for me. I warmed him up and got his attention on me then we began to move in unison better. I wanted to sack him out too so I went for the bag with cans and the flag and went at it with him. He still doesn't like that stuff but will settle down after a few minutes. I brought the tarp out too. He did well with this finally able to walk smoothly over it, even standing on it. Then Raven decided to come out of the stall and find out what all the fun was about so she began to shake the bag and pull on the tarp. That didn't make Jake too happy as he was already thinking they were out to get him. I mounted him and boy is he soft in the face. I love that softness that allows me to move his body parts much easier. We did leg yields and moved his shoulders and so on. We even got to trying to herd Raven around, but Jake didn't want any part of that so I had to force him. He was concerned about getting kicked, and so was I, but I moved Raven with a wave of the hand. Then every now and then we would come rest at the tarp still spreadout in a bunch on the ground. I had him walking over it too. I worked a bit on transitions of gait with him. His feet seem to be so discombobulated, especially when trying to get him to canter. It is like he doesn't know where his feet are and what they are to doing. I see him loping around the arena without anyone on his back with no problem. It leads me to believe it might be me that is the problem here. But not sure. Anyway, we worked about an hour and that was enough for both of us as hot as it was. So we quit. I want to work Raven and get her caught up to, but for the time.
til next time.

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