Thursday, July 15, 2010


I finally got back in the saddle. I have been so busy with planting and landscaping that since I took Joey home I haven't been able to ride at all. So yesterday I worked with Jake. He was a little headshy with the spray bottle but we worked through that. Then I wanted to work with my lariat around him and he didn't like that either, but we worked through that too. I first got him listening to me by moving him around, we did our usual ground work and tried to refine the leg yields and side passing. I just mainly wanted him tuned into me. Then I sacked him out with the rope and tossed a few loops around him and over him. I looped it on the saddle horn and played jump rope in front of him swinging it over and around his head. I even put it around his butt and had him give to pressure there and swing his butt around. I led him by the saddle horn with the rope too. Then I got on him and boy is he soft. We did some leg yields, counterturns and such. I dragged the rope around, swung it around him and tossed it in front of him, let it drag around his legs. He did pretty good. I want to get him ready for my granddaughter to learn to ride on him. So I really got to get him desensitized and giving to the softest pressure.
We had about an hour and a half to work and I thought he did real well for not having to do anything for the last two months.
Well it is time to get back at it. Adios!

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