Monday, July 26, 2010

Once again

(I had to edit this. I posted this on mobile phone and fingers just don't hit the keys right.)
I had a lot of work ahead of me with these guys tonite. First I had to get the stalls cleaned out and then trim Ravens feet. Only after that did I have chance to ride.
So,that said, I started with Raven. She is a nice ride. I only had a short time so we did a short warmup on the ground. Then in the saddle we worked on getting good softness so that I could get her to move shoulders and hindend in a side pass. We did several other things before we had to quit so I could work with Jake. With Jake I did some ground work and then did some saddle work with him. I wanted to work with him on loping. He just seems to have a hard time cantering. I think it is because he is out of balance. I kept trying to get him collected up to balance him. We worked on this for the rest of our time. All in all both sessions were really good. We accomplished alot in the short time we had. I was just glad to get the time

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