Thursday, July 1, 2010

Joey Day 26

Joey did real good today. So did his owner. Yes, she came today and worked with Joey. She backed him up, learned to disengage the hindquarters, move his shoulders, the million dollar move and to circle him in both directions, transition from walk to trot and back down. Joey was impressive in his responsiveness to her, reading her like a book. Then we put her saddle on to see how that worked out for her. She prefers English, but had a western saddle to use. Then after we fitted that we put her shank curb bit in his mouth. She got on, Joey was real calm and soft over all, and he stood for her to mount. Then, as I always do, she flexed him both sides.  Now it was time to move and so starting at a walk she worked on disengaging the hindquarters from the saddle and even got some shoulders over or turns on the forehand. Over all, Kathryn was a great student and Joey a great teacher. Cheers to both of them. I have a few more rides on him and one more lesson for her before he goes home next week. I don't even have to go back and fix anything. Good job.

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