Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Joey Day 30

This is it.  We had our last session today. I spent the first few minutes warming him up. Did a little bit of liberty work with him. He did good. Then I got saddled and started down the road. My plan was to get him to cross the ditch with water in it. So we got down there while doing circles and some exercises that create a softness in him. When we got to the ditch I asked him to go through and he didn't, but I had a plan. I got off and used my mecate lead and had him circle me and disengage etc. Then I led him to the ditch and finally after several tries he went across. I brought him back and let him relax and then did it again. Finally, I got on him and he went right across. We did that a few times and then we went down the power line to a pond I know of and I asked him to go into the pond. We did that and then headed back to the pen. We had a good ride and I put him up for the day. tomorrow he goes home. The plan is to ride him there for a little while to see how he is then to turn him over to his owner.

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