Sunday, July 4, 2010

Joey Day 28

Yesterday at 12:30 I got to work with Joey again. It is getting kinda neat. When he knows I am coming to get him he stepped out of his stall like he was eager to go do something with me. Alot of people have to chase their horses down 'cause when they see them coming with halter in hand they do not want to go. So Joey and I have a great relationship. This time the plan was to get him outside the pen and work with him. I did my usual groundwork warmup with some added exercises like sidepassing. Then we got out and started to work some circles and softening up. I took him down a trail into the woods, which he was a bit skittish about, but we went anyway. He is constantly on the lookout for boogey men. None found though. He worked through those issues. I think now it is just trail riding that needs to be done to get him out from under his sheltered life into the real world. But this is trail riding with a twist: not just rein in hand going down the trail, but a working trail ride doing the exercises as we go. So for the last rides with me that is what we are going to do.

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