Monday, July 5, 2010

Joey day 29

Met with Kathryn today to work with Joey. This was her last of 2 lessons that come with Joey's training. I got out there early and worked with Joey a little bit. I had about 15 minutes to warm him up, going through the daily seven. I also sidepassed him around the arena real good. Then when Kathryn arrived she took him in hand, saddled and started to work with him. We went through the backup, disengagement and moving the shoulders over on the ground. She practiced this for about 25 minutes or so. I might add she did a good job. Then in the saddle I had her walking around and practicing the one rein stop a few times. Then she got him in a trot and later a lope in the right lead. By that time we were out of time. They both did very well and I am sure will develop and even closer relationship. I have one more ride on him tomorrow and then I take him home on Wednesday. The plan is for me to ride him to the beach because there he will be in a different environment and will probably act a little different. He may need the reminder that nothing changed, I or Kathryn will still be the leader. We will see what happens. Anyway a good day of training.

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