Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 17

I rode Joey up front because the guys were finishing up my burn pile. Now I have an open area. I worked with him on just following his nose and I don't mind telling you he did not want to go to work. So a little discussion in the rd pen and his attitude changed. Then we just worked on riding inthe direction and place I wanted to go. The problem with him is he is lazy and needs to learn to work. DS did real well. He was real calm. I went through the daily tasks then put my saddle on him. He handled that well the rest of the session he wore the saddle like it was nothing new. Robbie I had to win back to my side. I spent 15 min in his stall with not even asking him to come out. I had the lead in my hand, but he kept his rt shoulder toward me. I just gently pressure and release with him. I YH YF in the stall until he would come up to me and sniff me and stand calmly next to. Then when I thought the timing was rt I put the lead on and led him to the arena. Here I went through the usual routine. Then set the saddle on and off him several times and then cliched him up. I moved him off and YH YF BU SEND etc. even got him trotting. He was pretty calm. Then I took the saddle off and put him up just as relaxed as when we started.

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