Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet 16

I got Joey out today. Except for the fact that he wants to go his own way sometimes, he is a nice ride. He needs lots of work teaching him to follow his nose. So we did lots of bending exercises. He did better by the end. Dark star did good today. We went through several things. I flanked him out, he passed so I put the saddle on him. Did not seem to bother him. I then took him to the outdoor arena he lost concentration some but I got it back on me with lots of changing directions, sending, circling etc. all told he was satisfactory for the added distractions. Robbie- not so good. I went through the normal stuff then started to do turn and go. That is where I have the lead over his head and around his rump, he turns away from and follows his nose back around to me. This freaked him out so we had to work on this more. Both sides. I think it did not go well so I went to saddling. He had no problem with that. No bucking at all worked for 30 minutes with saddle and was well. So I took halter off groomed him, picked out his feet and went to put his halter on and he took off. So kept walking up to him and he kept walking off. So I rd pennedchimat a lope. Still no standstill. So ran him some more. He would give two eyes but not let me near him with the halter. So I ran him some more. Finally after 45 minutes of him running he let me stand next to him to put the halter on. He got a two hour workout today. Then I had to walk him to cool him down before putting him his stall. It was like going back to day one. I pretty sure it was the turn and go exercise that made shy from me. But I know I will have to keep coming back to that and help him. I know where we are starting tomorrow. I would write more but since my computer is down and is harder to write on my phone I am done. Have a good night all.

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