Friday, June 8, 2012

Nice day for riding

Ok I got Joey out and rode him. He did not want to canter as much today. This time I do a diagonal pattern from each corner of the field. I would walk or trot across the diagonal then canter down to the next corner and so until I went all the way around then did it in the other direction. We also rode the power line. He gave me a good ride. Day 19 Dark star- did real good today too. I saddled him and worked him out then switched the lines so I had a longer one and had him trotting a bigger circle. I did the turn and go with he was real relaxed with that. E I even sat in the saddle on his back a couple times from each side. Real relaxed through it all. Robbie- I sacked him out more with the saddle then cinched it up and moved him out. He did fine. Went through all the tasks. I flexed him from the opposite side to get him used to bending for the turn ang go. I also found the problem with Hom and the turn and go. He does not like the rope around his butt. So I did alot of that so that it will not bother him. I noticed too he has an old wound that must have been getting caught in a wire. That might be the root of his problem. So I am just taking it slow. Anyway he did a good job today.

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