Friday, June 29, 2012

ground driving

Yesterday was day three of the secoonnd month with these Arabs.
I worked with Darkstar first.
He accepts the saddle no problem to this point. I went through the usual exercises and am getting alot better responses. I worked on leading with him. When He would balk I would make him back up a long ways and fast. Then ask him to follow me leading him. I also would use the end of the lead or stick behind the drive line to get him to move forward. I think he is getting better. I also got on and off several times. He is so relaxed with this at this point. I decided to ground drive him and see how he handles the rope around his butt. It went really well. We walked all over the arena and he was turning and stopping for me pretty good for the first time. He did such a good job that I quit him after getting on and off several times.
Robbie didn't do to bad this time either. I think he is a couple weeks behind Star in his training. I wanted to work mainly on the long line, getting him used to the rope going over his head and having him follow his nose around and away from me. He started to be alot more smooth at it. We went through all the other exercises too on the long line (25' lead). Then at the end I walked him outside and worked on YH YF and backup to relax and cool him down. So it was a good session because he made some progress.
We will see what today holds in their training progress.

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