Wednesday, June 13, 2012

day 22

I spent some time teaching KM the things I have taught Darkstar and Robbie today.
With Darkstar I went through everything even rode him a bit today to show where were at with his training. I then demonstrated the exercises and had her do the same things so she would have a sense of what I was doing with them. She did a good job.
Robbie was real good today. I even dared him to leave me after I removed his halter, but he stayed. Then we went through the same exercises and had KM do some of them with him. Again, they both did well. I do have to go back and work on some things with him that were not as solid as they should be. I was on his back bareback today and he was relaxed. So that is good. I am just taking it slow with him and think that in time he will be a good horse.

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