Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 18

Everything went well yesterday with horse. Joey got alot of cantering. I took him back to my open area and did a brief gw session then got on him and just wanted to have a relaxed tide working on bending and getting a good connection between the reins and feet. However, he decided a nice canter would be fun so I let him. About 15 minutes later he decided a nice walk would be in order. He asked earlier but I kept him cantering. Then we walked or slow trot the rest of the time. We went out onthe power line and into what is left of the water at the ditch then a nice lope back. Darkstar- what relaxing laid back session this was. I groomed him and put the saddle on him then went through the exercises in the arena. He was doing real good so I took him outside and went through them again. It added a bit of distractions for him but he was pretty calm. The main thing I really wanted to work on was leading. He has a tendency to balk so when he does I just keep moving in another direction which keeps him moving. It will be the same on horseback. He fix do much better with it though. Robbie- I did a similar thing with him. I spent a couple minutes in his stall but he put his nose at my shoulder and stayed with me so we got in the arena and groomed and saddled. I went set it on him several times before I cinched it up. Then we went through his exercises. He was mostly calm. Then we went outside and ran through the same things. Because he was calm and following pretty good and not worried about the saddle we went back in did a few more things then called it a day.

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