Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 20

This was the last the training day of their month and I did not accomplish all that I wanted too.
It seems that horses that are alot older are more like wild mustangs. I think any way. These have taken a long time to get where they are today.
Robbie- I try to be real relaxed with him and slow and methodical. I worked him out a little with the gw exercises and then put the saddle on him. He again bucked a few times, but soon settled down. i moved him around a buknch and then after about thirty minutes took it off. I got three turn and goes out of him too. But I can see he needs alot more sacking out around his hindquarters with the rope. I then put the saddle on him again and he stood there and then when I moved him off he was pretty relaxed. I spent alot of time just rubbing up around his ears with the lead in my hand. Something has him not liking this turn and go exercise, but I need to have him good at it before I ground drive him. We did quit relaxed and all.

Darkstar- he is just pretty laid back. Jumpy still but not as bad. I put the saddle on him and moved him around no problem. I even got on and off several times and he stood there and let me move all around him, bumping and banging things. He did well on all the exercises. I worked more on backups today then ever, and also bending and moving his hindquarters over. I want this real good, so when I get on his back and have him stepping out I can YH YF real good. Anyway, I am not as far along as I wanted with him either, but it is what it is. I can only go as fast as they will allow in order for us to stay safe

Oh, Joey went home today too.

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