Monday, October 22, 2012

at it again

For those who are interested, I have been working my own two horses for the last two weeks bringing them up to date on working through the fundamentals stage of training. They just needed some sharpening up is all. I also have had opportunity to give some lessons to another horse owner. Yesterday, I went with an owner to pick up a 5 month old tobiano paint colt. He is a nice little guy. We got him home to our barn all safe and sound. Today I was able to get a small round pen up. I plan on letting him roam in that for a few days, instead on in the bigger pen. I also spent about 30 minutes just rubbing on him and brushing him. He has so much mud caked on him I wonder how I am going to get him cleaned up. But it serves as a chance to get my hands all over him and for him to learn to trust me. THen I took him out in the pen and walked him around the electric fence in both directions/horses are two sided, meaning it is like they are two different horses. I then just wanted to desensitize him to the lead rope, so I kept tossing it on his back and butt and legs, etc. til he stood still. He did pretty good. His right side he was a little apprenhensive. Then I did the stick and string the same way. He did good with that too. But again on the right side he needed a little more work. Then I wanted to get him to move out for me so he would get some exercise. Once he got going he wanted to run and buck and have some fun, but on the lead I just bent him back and got him moving out at a walk and trot. I don't want to work him too hard because his joints are not developed for a lot of moving out like that. He is a fast learner it seems and takes to being rubbed and scratched all over. I think he is going to be a fun one for me.

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