Monday, October 29, 2012

skye 6

This is actually the 6th day I have worked out with Skye. Today we started with desensitizing and then went to lunging for respect 1. He is getting lots better about moving out for me and even changing directions. I do need to get the rd pen up so I can work on getting him to always give me two eyes. Then I worked with him on YH stage 1 and then later on 2. Stage 2 is to get him to give me two eyes right away when I look at his butt with active body language. Then I lunged him some more and then back to YF. He does pretty good at this. The last thing we started to work on was backing up. He got the concept down with tapping the air and wiggle wave whack and walk. And that is when we quit this session. I put him in the pen and cleaned out his stall. He was none too happy, tried to run through the fence gate of the rd pen, but it didn't work for him. This week I want to put him in with the other horses. He was running back and forth along the fence with Jake. I think if Jake could have bit him he would have. But Raven came to Skye's rescue it seemed. She made Jake back off. She might just be this little guys protector.

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