Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skye 4

Well, here was one of those days where it was nice having him on sight. I didn't have the opportunity to work with him yesterday nor today really. However, I went up this evening to feed them. He was eating in his stall and I walked behind him to close the door and shut him in for the night and he kicked me where the armor was at. Knocked my phone out of my pocket. Well now, I cannot let that go so I kicked him back, in the hip of same leg he kicked me, doubly, and he didn't like that. Mind you, he probably didn't like me messing with things while he was eating and wanted me out of there. However, I am the leader. In my herd, I am boss and If I want to go in where he is at I will go in whether he likes it or not. As a general rule I don't mess with my horses when they are eating. I don't brush them or rub them, etc. THat is their time. However, going and shutting a gate is not messing with him. So I went and got his new rope halter and lead rope and put it on him and we went out and worked. We made more progress in that 20 minutes than we have all week. I had him moving out lunging in no time and he was moving. I let him go until he was relaxed in one direction then turned him in the other direction. He doesn't like going to the right. He has no problem with that now. It took a few minutes of forcing him to change directions and move, it was a little messy, but by the time we were done I had him going both directions by pointing and changing directions. Then I let him stand and threw the lead over him desensitizing him. Then I went to disengaging his hindquarters (YH) on both sides and got some good progress there. Then desensitized and lunged him again in both directions then desensitize and moved on to moving his shoulders (YF) and desensitize, lunge again. Then let him stand and desensitize. Then we went back to the stall. I rubbed on him a bunch then closed the door and let him go back to eating. So this was an inpromptu lesson, but it was very productive.

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