Tuesday, October 30, 2012

wet and rainy

Today was Skye 7. I got him out and just rubbed on him and brushed him for a few minutes. THen we went out and I lunged him in both directions. He is getting better at moving out each day. He needs more work to the right, but to the left he is nice and soft, pretty much keeping his head bent toward me and there is a loop in the line. Then we worked more on YH stage one and two. I want two eyes on me all the time so I am being a real stickler about this. Then as I do between every exercise I desensitize him. I worked on lowering his head a couple times throughout the session and at the end he was real soft about this. We went to working on backup and he gave me 4 steps in all the methods of backup, tapping the air, wiggle -walk, marching, and two finger. He will be even better tomorrow. Then went back to lunging to let him get some energy out. I introduced the marching and two finger backup today so I didn't introduce any other exercises today. I walked him around the arena several times to give him opportunity to balk and he did so we just worked through those times. I also picked up and cleaned out his feet. He does good with front feet, but the hind ones he doesn't like too much so we had a bit of a discussion about this. In other words he got tired of YH several times and decided it was time to stand a bit. Then walked him some more and put him up.

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