Tuesday, October 23, 2012

skye 2

I worked with the little guy again today. I have got to figure out how to bleach him white again. He is so so muddy and matted that I might have to give him a good bath to get him clean. But then he lays down again and it is all over again. Today, I rubbed on him a bunch, he really likes that. Then we went about doing the desensitizing to the lead and stick and string. I had him moving around the rd pen I set up, on the lead rope. I don't want him thinking he can go through the fence. So He moved out pretty good. When I had him stop I drew him to me and desensitized him. Then back to moving in the other direction. He surely doesn't like me on his right side. he is trying to be a master at pushing into me with his shoulder. He will soon be over that though. Then I started moving his hindquarters. We worked on that til he got the concept down then went to the other side. I might work with him again tonight. I put him in the round pen for about 30 minutes while I cleaned his stall and just watched him. He will go in it again tonight for a little while. I am going to wait til he is really hooked to me before I let him have full run of his pen and then let him in with Jake and then Raven.

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