Wednesday, October 3, 2012

day 79, 80

Yesterday was the most fun of all. I got Robbie out and started to ride him. He was hurting on his left foreleg so I didn't work him too hard. We just walked around at a faster pace. He would only limp when he was trotting so he would only take a few strides and then slow to a walk. Riding outside was just fine with him. Star was his usual self. I worked him on the ground outside til he was showing signs of relaxing then I got on him. He still wanted to go, but not as much. I finally got to the point where I made him trot and canter in circles, changing directions on the fence. But the time I was done he was not wanting to go faster than a walk without a lot of compulsion. I then walked him on a loose rein all the way around the arena on the rail and then back again. Anytime he got antsy we went back to that spot and started again. It was the best ride yet. Today, I got Star out and showed Karen what was up with him and rode him around. Then we switched saddles and she rode him. He was so nice and calm. We were indoors. Then We got Robbie out. I didn't trot or canter him because of his leg, but he did good at the walk and She got to ride him too. It was real nice. I would say that we accomplished what we set out to do as far as getting them to be able to ride. I am on to my own horses for a week or so then on to another horse and then after that back to Karen for 3 more horses. Stay tuned.

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