Monday, October 1, 2012

day 78

Ok, I had a good day with the arabs this morning. I worked Robbie first. I did some gw just to get a sense of where his head was at. Then I saddled him and and worked him some more. I got on and we did some walk and trot exercises. But we were both bored so outdoors we went to the arena. I walked him around and did a few gw exercises then got on him. He was real good. The horses in the neighboring paddock started running and that got his attention for a minute. I just bent him around and had him changing directions. He did some YH and slow spins for me and we trotted around like it was no big deal. Darkstar was pretty good too. I also did some gw inside and rode him around inside working on the bending exercises at walk trot and canter. Then we went outside. I walked around the arena and then did some sending exercises. He gets real excited going to the right, but to the left he is calm as can be. But we did some work sideways on a circle around a barrel a few times then I got on him and he got a little excited but was soon quieting down and I had him trotting big circles in both directions. By the time we were done he was walking and giving softness calmly. I worked at a walk for a few minutes and then our time was up. Tomorrow is another day.

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