Thursday, October 25, 2012

skye 2,3

I was not able to write yesterday about skye due to situation that happened. But I am working on having him stand no matter what is going on around him. So I use the lead and throw it up over him and drag it back across him and do this all over his body. I use my stick and string in the same manner, wrapping the string around his legs etc. until he stand quiet. Then I am working on getting him to move forward and around, lungeing him. He goes forward freely to the left and just has to get used to going in a circle with his body bent on the same arc as the circle. Going to the right is another story. So I have been working more on that. Today he did lots better. Then I have started getting him to yield his hindquarters and he is doing ok at this from both sides. Today he made lots of improvement taking 3-4 steps before it falls apart. I also started backing him today. Now he just wants to take off from me, but he will get it. I have also been doing alot of rubbing on him all over his body. No part of his body is off limits to me, even under his tail. He is letting me pick up his feet and clean them out too. At first he didn't like it too well, but he has come around. The one thing that I am watching for is that he has a tendency to push into me. Some would think this cute, but when he is 1200 pounds that is not good. So we are working on that too. He is starting to lead and follow me, but without a round pen to really work him as of yet, this is hard to tell. I will eventually put him in one and then it will get even better. The one thing to do is to get him cleaned up too. He is one filthy horse. He has his long thick baby hair that is all matted with manure and such. He is going to be a nice horse.

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