Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Honey Bun day 11 - Saturday 8/29/15

We started out with saddling then we walked out to the pasture and I started working on getting her to do the LR one and two. She did fine at these I also did the sending exercise. We went to the platform and I started to ask her to go over that she did pretty good on that. I had her go over the platform three times on each side real nice and relaxed. Then I had her go over the log by lunging. When she was good at the one log I added another log a few feet farther. When she was good at going over both of those in either direction I took her into the riding arena and backed her and did yield hindquarters and yield the fore quarters. We went into the round pen and I introduced my plastic noise bag with bottles and cans in it. I desensitize her to that and she did pretty good. When I put it up by her ears she really got bothered so I kept it up until she calm down. I was bouncing that bag all over her body making all kinds of noise and she did pretty good just standing there. Then I put the Bridle on and  did some bridle
bending. Here I had her go forward and bend around me using the rein picking up the appropriate foot and when she was bending nice then I would disengage the hindquarters and ask for a back up. She did great. Then it was time to get on. I wanted to work on inside and outside turns and one rein stops. I did everything I could to act like a drunk, flopping my hands, making popping noises with my mouth, moving my legs all over her body and she did just fine. I had her walking and trotting and cantering no problem. So then for the last five minutes or 10 minutes I took her in the big arena and we rode around in there. I got off her in the big arena and we quit. She did a good job.

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