Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Honey Bun day 12- Sunday 8/30/15

She did a great job of being used as an illustration for my sermon. She was not uptight at all. I thought she would be. During the course of the event we went through most all of the exercises and did well. I introduced an umbrella, plastic garbage bag, noise bag, and she handled them quite well, but not without some anxiousness. I had her step on and over a cardboard box that was flattened. Not a real problem for her. There were all kinds of noises that could have disturbed her, but didn't: clapping, cars, motorcycles, barking of dogs , screeching of sound system. I even rode her without any issues. Then I ended with laying her down. She was good with that and used it to her advantage to eat grass while she was lying down. 

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