Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Honey Bun -Day21-24

I have done something a little different since the last post about her training. Instead of focusing on her I have been teaching her owner, Diane, to work with her horse. So rather than me working Honey, it has been Diane with my help. So Thursday we started with going through the GW with her. I think we covered YH, backing, YF, lunging 1. Friday we reviewed the above and added flexion, sending, circling. I even had her riding in the rd pen working on one rein stops. Saturday, we did a similar thing. Her issue is really being more assertive with Honey. She is much to timid with her and that has created her problem. Monday, we went through all of the GW and Diane has much improved on being more of a wild woman with Honey, but still is not there. When she got in the saddle she flexed her and while sitting there, Honey squealed and humped her back, much as she would when two horses are nose to nose on opposite sides of the fence. Well, that scared her so she got down and I got on and made Honey work real hard. She tried to bite my boot while flexing and ran into it. She didn't try again. I have not accomplished all that I would have liked with Honey, but found it better to spend the time teaching Diane. Anyway, Honey is going home today and I don't know what Diane is going to do with her.

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James t. Stephens said...

Jeff, This has been a good blog. It is good you " trained " the rider to better use the horse.This should be done more often. Dad