Thursday, September 3, 2015

Honey Bun day 15- Thursday 9/3/15

I started her with LR 1&2 because she was wanting to move out. I then got her set up for ground driving again. I had her go around the arena 1x in each direction then down the center. I set up some cones to use as markers to  go around and weave in and out of. She is so quiet and good at this. She needs some steering, but her yielding to the bit is pretty darn good. I did this about 20 minutes or so. Then I saddled her and did some bridle bending with backup. I got on and flexed her. She needs more work here because while she flexes nice, she has a tendency to stay there and not want to soften to the other side. So today I really started getting after her with that. Then we moved out. I always try to start with a yielding of the shoulder in the direction I want to go and she is starting to get it. She wanted to move up to a trot right away so I accommodated her and for the next 10 minutes we did the cruising exercise in both directions. Then I gave her a good 5 minutes to catch her breath and cool down a bit. I flexed in there a few times too. Then we started to do the one rein stop. She is very dull on this. She moves her Hindquarters over easy, but is very stiff on the flexion part of it. So I worked on this ten times each side. I need to keep working on that in increments because I want her real soft to this before I give her back to her owner. Then I started to do follow the fence at a trot and canter in each direction. It took a few laps in each direction before she started to get the concept. Once she seemed to get it I let her rest a bit. When we started again she kept wanting to go back into the rd pen. So I let her and then really worked her, cantering in both directions, one rein stops with YH a bunch of times, even started doing some roll backs. Then I went back to the arena and left her alone in her trot. She went back to the rd pen and we did the same thing. Three times she went back to the pen and finally she didn't want to go back there again so I didn't make her. We finished off with some bending around the cones at a walk. Then I got off and walked her around on my track and let her graze a bit to cool off. She did another amazing bit. 
I need to really work on her lateral flexion, her one rein stops and follow her nose kind of exercises next time. 

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